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About Me

I love helping business owners realize their vision and a purposeful mission. I've had a rewarding career in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development helping grow small companies into profitable enterprises. So, it's easy to be passionate about touching the lives of entrepreneurs and executives to enable higher levels of business performance and success. That's what fuels my success!

Now, as a Business Coach, Certified Corporate Trainer and CEU Facilitator, I specialize in working with motivated entrepreneurs to jumpstart their performance and their business'​. Outcomes can be measured in exceptional client satisfaction, time efficiency, productive team cultures, sustainable growth of topline and bottom-line financials plus, business valuation for legacy or exit. Today's business environment is more complex and continually challenging leaders to innovate. Business owners can find themselves fully engaged working in the business rather than on the business. This can result in missed opportunities for strategic growth. I utilize a structured process of assessments and coaching methodologies specific to the desired goals and priorities of the clients I serve. I have access to rich, deep, and proven content developed by Brian Tracy International and a collaborative network of 200 FocalPoint Coaches.


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